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I don’t take part in New Years resolutions, I never stick to them and I always wonder why people have to wait until a new year comes around to make a change, but I do like to challenge myself creatively. I noticed that around 90% of our ‘family’ shots this year were of my husband and kids.

I’m there too.  I’m always there.  Most of the time I am behind the camera.  My make up isn’t done, I’m having a ‘fat’ day.  I don’t feel my best and the last thing I need is to be infront of a camera.  But I’m there.  I’m there for every scraped knee, wobbly tooth, 3am nightmare and spilt juice.  I’m there to clear the dinner table and fold the washing, hoover the floors and pick up ALL the lego.  I’m there.  But normally its my husband in the frame because its me who remembers to lift the camera or I hide the minute someone picks one up.

So, for 2019 I’ll be capturing an image a month with me in it.  A self portrait of me living my best motherhood life, doing the dishes, tying shoe laces… I’ll be shooting it.  I want to not only capture the not so ‘fun’ bits but show that they can often be the most magical.  I won’t always be tying tiny little shoe laces and I know i’ll for sure miss being needed quite so much.

Want to join me?

There are no rules at all.  I’ll be posting one image a month and you are more than welcome to join me, anyway you see fit.  It can be as creative or as ‘mundane’ as you like, the ordinary magic of a mothers day is magical to me and I want to try and share as much of that as I can.  Will you exist in 2019?

I certainly will!

To join in tag me in your instagram posts over on @MyLittleWildlings or #Motherhood_Magic to share.  I’ll be sharing my favourites as I see them at the end of each month and can’t wait for you to be there too!


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    January 1, 2019

    I’m in ?

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    Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker

    January 27, 2019

    Yes! I’m so looking forward to seeing more photos of you this year Zoe. I too struggle hugely with being in front of the camera but I truly feel we owe it to our kiddos to show up, to show them that we were there too so that when we’re gone they still have images to remember us by. I don’t have a formal personal project to capture a self portrait every month but I will absolutely join in with #motherhood_magic every opportunity I get. Happy new year Zoe, I hope 2019 is everything you want it to be x

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