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It’s a Tea Journals post!  It’s Monday, and everyone needs a little caffeine pick me up.
so, I’ve slacked on drinking tea in all the cafes lately.  Its been so wet in Edinburgh and I’ve had no motivation to leave my house in the rain in search of tea spots, so I’ve stuck to my comfort zones and reading a post from the same cafe weekly isn’t anyones idea of fun, except mine.  I’ve drank enough coffee in Starbucks this week to last me a lifetime and thought we would venture a little bit further.

I hadn’t planned this one.  Normally I try and pick one, have a bit of a google, book a table if I can and head over.  Not today.  We had a podcast launch at the nicer side of town.  We headed into town super early and walked along morning side in search for a cuppa to keep us warm while we waited.  This is why I’m rarely early for anything, because I mess about with all the spare time I have and end up late.  It rained like I’d never seen it before and just a few seconds had us soaked. I didn’t want to wander in it much longer so we scanned the street for the nicest looking cafe and ran for shelter.

Now, you can picture it, Project Coffee.  Ace name.  Sounded perfect and had the cosiest looking atmosphere.  So we bundled ourselves through the door, sopping wet and ready for the cosiest cuppa.  The moment we walked in it was as if the entire cafe let out a collective sigh at the sight of a toddler.  Little do they know she is exceptionally well mannered and loves a slice of cake more than I do.  The entire cafe was filled with hipsters on laptops.  A few years ago I would have felt right at home.  A little slouchy hat, ripped jeans and an artisan roast, perfect.

But it felt awkward this time around.  I was like an awkward little teenager, sat amongst the cool kids, trying not to make eye contact with anyone incase they rumbled me.  I didn’t feel like I belonged at all, especially not with the kids, which in turn made me feel like I had a crappy experience.  I mean, could the staff have been kinder, smiled once or twice or checked if we were ok?  Sure.  But other than feel out of place and a little let down by the service, the cake was good and the tea was hot. And the apple juice was…. different.

I never wanted these Tea Journal posts to turn into reviews.  But I did want to travel and share favourite spots with you, hidden gems and anything in between that we come across.  I love taking the kids our on little dates so if you’ve got somewhere you love thats worth a visit, we would LOVE to hear about them.  Doesn’t have to be exclusively Edinburgh either, I’d love to go further in the UK and hit the best cake spots, where is your favorite?

Zoe xo

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    December 4, 2018

    I love little cafes and tend to always try a new one whenever I’m somewhere new! I went to at least 3 cafes whilst traveling to Colombia and they had the best coffee I’ve ever tried, if you ever plan on traveling abroad that would be a good spot! Other than that, I’m glad I live in the UK where there is a really cute tea shop in every corner 🙂

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