Heres to 2020 | NOT a decade round up…

11:32pm, and I’ve decided it would be a good time to start a 2019 round up. Then I realised that no one would really be around to read it… or everyone will have had a similar idea and it’ll be done to death.

So, it’s goodbye to an entire decade.  I can’t believe in just minutes we’ll be going into a new year, and a new decade.  Last decade was something, wasn’t it?  It’s the decade that made me a mum, the decade I started my own business, and closed it. The decade I lost a parent.  The decade that sleep deprivation almost killed me (hello 3 under 18 months) and when my panic attacks started, it’s also the decade I worked on myself and found my magic & realised my worth.

Lessons, some tough ones had to be learnt, so that things could change.  I was ‘stuck’.  I felt stuck.  I felt like nothing was changing.  Because it wasn’t.  I was doing the same thing and getting so frustrated when I was getting the same results.

I’ll be ending this year and decade with so much gratitude.  For all the achievements that made the year so amazing and for the loses that made me stand up for myself and change it.

So here it is, a new decade. I hope it brings all the health and happiness you deserve.

Let’s do this!

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