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I am broody every moment of everyday day and can’t help myself when it comes to baby toes.  I’m always the designated baby snuggler at baby group and the one offering to hold a newborn in a cafe so a brand new mummy can drink her tea with both hands and maybe sneak in a few bites of a cake.

I just ADORE babies.

But, it’s time to say goodbye.

For the last 7 years I’ve worked my dream job.  As well as being on Instagram – My Little Wildlings – and running a blog, I am a Newborn Photographer, its the kind of job you can really call a work because it was just so much fun.  I got to train with some of the most amazingly talented people in the industry and have met people I will call friends, for life.  The studio has moved and grown with us as a family from the centre of Edinburgh, all the way to the tiny little village we live in.  I’ve met hundreds of wonderful families and have had the privilege of watching their babies grow up.  I know, you’ll be sitting there wondering, why on earth is she telling us this?  Well, in the last 6 months…. everything changed.

Due to some unforeseen family circumstances I’m having to close my studio.  It’s incredibly sad and I type this post with such a heavy heart, but at the same time its the best thing to do, and sometimes when you know.. you know.  You know?
My head is elsewhere, even though my heart is still very much in it, and with having 4 children at home myself it was becoming incredibly tough to be everywhere all at once.  Almost as tough as deciding not to have any more kids.  Am I right?  The studio was my first baby.  My first love and my second home. It’s going to be strange but a little refreshing not to have it around.

The good news is, I won’t be quitting photography completely.  I still plan on running the blog, it’s something I really love doing and don’t feel pressured with it, it takes as much time as I can give to it and it is just perfect for right now.  So for those that want to keep up with us, you still can.
I’ve also been given SO many amazing opportunities through the blog too.  I’ve been able to travel, find new brands, meet new people and help causes I’d never known about otherwise.  I will still be working with lovely companies, shooting products and taking the kids on trips.  I have a lot of plans for it going into 2019 and will still very much ‘be around’.

I guess what I wanted to say was, THANK YOU.  To each and every one of you that booked, that brought in your precious little bundles and kept coming back with each baby after.  Thank you to everyone who made the last 7 years possible.  Thank you to everyone who supported me, those who were kind and those who became friends.  Thank you, for everything xx

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    Sally Whittle

    June 7, 2018

    I think if you know in your heart it’s right, then it’s right (for right now). That’s the advice I’ve always tried to live by x

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