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Lucy’s birthday falls a few days into March.  Which means she misses starting school this year coming by 3 days.  3 whole days.  She’s pretty pissed about it and is desperate to start like the bigger kids.  I can appeal it and get her an August start date but I’m here, secretly happy, that I get to sneak her away for cake and little tea dates whenever I like.

She’s my Tea Journals buddy and I love that we get a little bit of 1:1 now and again.  It’s also a nice way to force yourself to slow down a little bit too.  Christmas can be busy and overwhelming if you let it.  Over run with school plays, pantomimes, meeting friends for a long overdue catch up and family thrown in the mix too.  I won’t even mention the shopping, it can feel like you never stop, all for one busy day.  So making time to sit in a cosy wee corner of Edinburgh with countless hot chocolates is just what was needed.

I had planned this entire post to be around hot chocolates. Then Emily got chicken pox and I was housebound for days until it passed, just for Harry to catch them right at the back of her.  So, that post will be coming as soon as I taste test another 3-5 places.  Because if I learn anything from last week, it’s that you can’t get around Edinburgh and taste more than 5 hot chocolates in 6 hours and enjoy it, even if it is for research.

The Milkman has been on my list for a while.  It’s a gorgeous little spot in an old sweet shop at the bottom of Cockburn Street, I’ve just never had a chance or wandered from my usual routine to stop for a visit, we’ve always had something on over the weekend.  But, I’m so glad I stopped by, their white hot chocolate is one of the best I’ve ever tasted.  It’s so good that we sat for a while and had 2.  Lucy got to sit and snuggle baby Nyah, who belongs to the gorgeous Katie from Elk & Wolf.  Her partner Mark owns The Milkman and has the stores branding down perfectly.  I left with an enamel mug and a keep cup and haven’t stopped thinking about the hot chocolate since I left.

I’ll be bringing these Tea Journal posts back properly in 2020 with a monthly post of quirky little spots we find on our wanderings through Edinburgh (and maybe a bit further).  I didn’t make time for them and they got left at the bottom of the pile this year, it wasn’t until I did this one that I realised just how much I missed doing them.

If you have a MUST try cafe, let me know… we’ll add it to our list! You can see other posts from this series here: Tea Shop Journals.

Thank you to Katie for taking some of these beautiful shots for me!

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