A little week with us | video

may 2016

Things get pretty hectic here. I start projects and rarely get a chance to finish them, we are always dashing off somewhere.

Motherhood can be monotonous, forever tying shoe laces, picking up your 823246th cheerio from the floor and wiping up spilt milk.  As the kids get older & depend on me less, I find its those moments I’ll miss.

Here’s a glimpse of our week:

OUR WEEK | My Little Wildlings

hop on over to our new YouTube channel and have a wee peek!


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    Elaine Malone

    May 25, 2016

    This was beautiful, such a cute way of capturing and keeping memories. Looking forward to meeting you at Blogtacular!

    • Reply

      Simply Ruby

      August 27, 2016

      Thank you Elaine, I had a great time, hope you did too!

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