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There isn’t much footage of us at all growing up, it was a bit of a luxury that we didn’t have, so I’ve started grabbing shots here and there of the kids when I can.  It’s been so much fun playing with video.  I’m currently using an old Sony compact camera, it’s not a great one, but its doing the job.  It’s totally made me want to invest in something a little more compact and sharper.

I’ve heard all good things about GoPro’s and the lovely little white Olympus Pen.  Those are on the wish list for this year along with a little film course.  Before I know it the day is gone and I’d love them to look back and remember all the fun we had.

And incase you missed it, we opened up a little YouTube channel!  Hop on over and subscribe if you have a little moment.  I’ll be sharing everything I film over there.

I’ll be traveling to London with little Lucy this month, so we’ll be filming as much as we can while we are attending Blogtacular!  My first blogging event, the lovely Great Little Trading Company are amazingly wonderful sponsors for the trip and we couldn’t be more excited (& nervous) to meet everyone!

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