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Before we had kids we would take off on weekends away. We whisked ourselves off around the UK staying at little budget hotels, cottages & apartments, they just served as somewhere to sleep as we explored the little towns and cities we had ended up visitng on a whim.

Most supplied a bed, a hook for a wardrobe and the smallest little bathrooms. No hint of a hairdryer, let alone a cooked breakfast. Then I was invited to stay at the Ibis Styles hotel St Andrews Aquare in Edinburgh for a blogger event, capturing the hotel via Instagram.

6In one of my favourite locations in the middle of my hometown, the hotel is oozing with style and traditional scottish flair. I packed the little ones overnight bags for going off to Nana’s later in the afternoon, said goodbye to Keith who was about to drive to London with his brother for the weekend and I headed off to meet the lovely Lucy in town.  I met Lucy a few years back, I instantly knew we would be good friends.  You will never meet a nicer human being.  Fact.
I popped into the hotel to check in. The staff were so kind, offering as much help as possible. They oogled over the babies and made Ruby giggle and blush. Rarely do hotels accomodate so well for children. Toys in the restraunt area and little sheep stools for them to sit on as you sip a lovely hot cup of tea.  My bedroom was a little bit of a dream. Large scale watercolour thistles decorated the walls flowing beautifully around the room. The twins pram is pretty big but it fitted into the room easily with space to spare around the bed for Ruby to play as I snapped some photographs.

I only managed to get one image and tasted none of these delightful little treats. Ruby had wolfed them down within seconds of spotting them. She did tell me that they were delicious though.
We had a quick look around and giggled at the ‘slang’ that decorates the hallways.  It’s words we use on a daily basis carefully carved into wardrobes and runs through the theme of the hotel.

The event started with a meeting in the bar.  We got to meet the other bloggers taking part, and enjoyed the gorgeous cocktails served in Mason jars.  What other way is there to drink them?  The wine flowed along with the conversation.  The foot was outstanding and was second to none.  It was all served beautifully on platters for us all to share and enjoy.  And of course instagram!

I wanted to say I had a full night sleep, but that would be lying. I woke more than once to check on the little ones, forgetting I wasn’t at home and I was tucked up in a hotel with an entire night sleep ahead of me.  You can never beat the feeling of sleeping over in a hotel.  Fresh sheets, a cosy room and the sound of silence as you settle down for the night.  I could have easily stayed in bed all morning.  Enjoying some uninterrupted television, a hot cuppa and a long shower but breakfast was calling before a fun filled day started.  I am so glad headed down to enjoy the gorgeous breakfast that was on display.  Hot pastries, yoghurts, cereals… It was a rare treat getting the time to enjoy breakfast. For the first time in a long while I didn’t actually want to leave the hotel, but we were headed upstairs to the penthouse suits.  Stunning views of Edinburgh and Calton Hill from the balconies and Edinburghs ever famous grey skies.  We met up for a day out of sightseeing and game playing as we took part in a #capturingibisstyles scavenger hunt. We were set tasks aroud Edinburgh, stopping off the tour bus to creatively capture images based on the clues we were given. It was such fun to be a tourist for the day in my own town. I walk by most of the beautiful city every morning on my way to the studio. I almost take it for granted, passing the castle, doddling down the winding streets and running over the cobbles while expertly swerving the tourists to get my morning coffee from Starbucks.

32Most blogging events are in London. The travel is so far and costly that its rare I get to hop along and enjoy them. Thank you to the Capturing Ibis Styles team and Gray Matter for having me along at such a warm, fun event.  I’ve met some wonderful new friends and had a blast catching up briefly with old ones (Longer next time Lucy!).  It has made me excited to book more weekends away!  And at prices starting at just £62 a night, who can say no?



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