One Magical Morning in Edinburgh | Ross Fountain

Edinburgh’s winters are magical. They aren’t for everyone and they can get bitterly cold. But, the ground gets this beautiful layer of frost that sparkles in the morning light, disappearing by lunch time. There’s never really much snow, the footfall is too heavy and the sea air takes care of the rest. So you have to get yourself out before the busy day starts.

Once a year, it gets cold enough for a few days that Ross fountain freezes. It’s like a scene from Frozen, like Elsa herself has paid a visit to the city. The water suspended in the air like time is standing still.

Edinburgh’s weather can be unpredictable, blue skies and snowing. Grey skies, fog and some of the warmest you might experience. There’s no telling when the freeze happens but the excitement on social media will give it away within an hour.

The gardens can be busy and have a constant stream of people so early morning wanders are your best bet for catching a quiet moment.

Which season would you like to visit?

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