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Autumn is our little bit of happy.  It beats the summer every time, October just feels that little bit magical for some reason, even if it is -2 here and we are wearing 3 jumpers every time we go past the front door.  The new school year is our time to recharge, regroup and get some sort of organisational routine back after lazy/crazy summers.  Some people wait for the new year to start their resolutions but with the changing of the leaves, it hits me hard and I feel the need to organise all I can right as the schools go back.

We have a little list on the wall that changes with each season.  Its both a fun list for the kids and little motivation to get out the house and do something other than snuggle with a Disney movie, although thats usually on the list somewhere.  We use it as a way to conquer the boredom, but its the funnest way to make sure we get all the season fun done.

We have half term earlier than most of the UK, who are just in the middle of theirs now.  We managed to zoom through a lot of our list fairly quickly, but some you can do more than once if you would like.  Autumn walks are unbeatable, so we always try and fit more than one of those in a week, as well as soup making, because who doesn’t like a big bowl of hot soup after all that walking?

Our Autumns list includes:

Pumpkin picking
Autumn walks
Make a Fairy garden
Find a hedgehog
Make autumnal soup
Wear cosy jumpers
Snuggle with hot chocolate
Carve pumpkins
Collect conkers
Cosy jamma day
Watch Hocus Pocus

We love finding little walks right on our doorstep.  It’s nice to just pick up and head out without the military operation to get out the door and drive.  We recently got the yearly National Trust pass for the year, an early christmas gift from Grandma, so we can go to the kids favourite adventure park within the newhailes grounds.  It’s so pretty to look at and theres a cafe for some cosy hot chocolate too.  Sometimes we fill a flask with warm ribena and walk for hours.

October, you’ve been a delight.  And you aren’t even over yet!  We would love to hear what you have on your autumn list?

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    November 2, 2018

    Urgh, seeing your pictures makes me want to go back in time and plan better. I’ve just moved houses and was working the whole time so pretty much lost the whole season (it went quite quick here in England!).
    Hopefully will have some time now to plan for winter (which I’m going to spend in North Sweden!!!).
    I love reading your blog and looking at pictures of your cute little ones. Nothing as refreshing as seeing a simple day in a family’s life!

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