Edinburgh Castle, Instagrammable view from the Vennel near Marys Milk Bar, Scottish Parent Blogger Photographer

I adore Edinburgh I share it often on my blog every chance I get really, it’s one of those places that just feels a little magical. A castle on top of a volcano in the middle of a city? Really! Edinburgh is filled with layers upon layers of so much history, that every single person to visit experiences it so differently.

I grab my camera, pack a wee bag & hop on a train into town, get a coffee and just wander the little cobbled streets. I always find a new close to walk down, a street I haven’t been down in a while, or go to my favourite spots and just watch the world go by.

Not only am I grateful to get to call somewhere so beautiful my home, I will never tire of sharing it. But, for those that read the blog often, you’ll notice I sneaked in a little something here and there that I haven’t really mentioned anywhere else.


An Instagram page dedicated to my Edinburgh/Scotland shots. So, while it’s something I’ve always done, I’ve never had a space to properly share them. They didn’t fit on my @MyLittleWildlings feed and it was time to give them their own space. They give me that warm feeling in my belly, that excitement and I can’t wait to shoot more.

My first post was on Valentines day, a little serendipitous to post about my love for my hometown on a brand new grid. I didn’t share it, I kept it to myself for the fear of looking stupid. What if people hated it? What if it was a flop? I’m not sure who’s approval I was searching for, but all I needed was mine. I’ve been the only one holding myself back and its taken a lot of working on myself to realise that.

So, now it’s out there, in the world. My little secret – My Little Edinburgh’s very own Instagram feed.

You can see the instagram feed here: @MyLittleEdinburgh and I even made a TikTok! @MyLittleEdinburgh. Now you can wander the streets with me!

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    September 5, 2021

    your video work is so steady, do you mind sharing what video camera you use? i love edinburgh, one of my favorite cities in the world.

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