Welcome to the world little ones | Harry & Emily

You’ve finally arrived.  Safe & well.

This pregnancy was a little bit of a bumpy one and at one point I didn’t think I was going to get to hold you safe.

A mix of relief, happiness, joy & fear all rushed in at once.  Two babies.  Two. Little. Babies. 30 tiny toes. 2 button noses. 4 gorgeous blue eyes.

I waited so long to hold you both in my arms.  Sleepless nights, aches, pains and a horrendous amount of heartburn (not a hair on your heads either).  Now your finally here.  Your so tiny & delicate. I find myself realising I’m hungry because I’ve spent an hour just staring at your faces and missed my own breakfast.

My house is upside down and looks like we have squatters. But spending so much time with you and your big sister is filling my heart with so much joy.  These little moments are the ones I want to savour and remember.

I’d like to formally introduce you all to Harry & Emily.

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