We finally did it! We bought a HOUSE!

I am delighted to share after a few months of stress, house searches, a few tears and a little more stress… That we FINALLY bought a house. And not just any house. OUR HOME!

We moved into our little home 9 years ago, we brought with us a wee Ruby. That same summer we found out we were expecting twins. And then quickly followed a tiny Lucy. It’s safe to say it’s been a busy few years.

We’ve celebrated births and birthdays, Halloweens and Christmas’s. Our kids have grown up in this house and we’ve seen many a skint knee and first days of school, and as much as we hated it while we were renting, I realised just how many memories we’ve made here. The walls of the house have my kids tiny finger prints on them. And if you look closely you might find a wee doodle or someones name in pencil on one too.

It wasn’t that we hated the house itself, it was the limits it came with. But now, this house is ours, and we can finally (and freely) make our mark on it. We can paint without asking permission and finally plant that blossom tree we’ve always wanted, not to mention the a yellow front door that I’ve dreamed of for so many years. Which I have to admit we’ve owned the house for a week and it was the first thing I did.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who supported us, bought us a coffee and left a comment or even a heart on any AD work we shared. Every single bit is appreciated, I cant wait to share this next step in our lives with you. It’s going to be so fun to document it, seriously can’t believe we bought a house!

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We did it!! Much love xox

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