When Twins are a little bit magical

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Recently Harry asked me if he could borrow my camera.  He was super excited and ‘only wanted to borrow it for only a wee tiny minute for something special, ok?’.

And that was Emily.
He wanted to take her picture.  Because in that very moment, she was just perfectly special to him.  So special he wanted to catch it.
They didn’t want to fight over cups, or hit each other in the face with toys.
He wanted to take her picture and she was happy to let him.

Twins can be super magical, like the last dress in the sale being your size.  Then when you get home to find out it has pockets.  Or looking at your clock at exactly 11:11am.
Nothing quite beats that moment when they unconditionally love each other and realize that they are best of friends.  And it warms my heart, almost as much as that first sip of hot tea on a cold December morning and almost makes that first year of sleepless nights forgettable.

*all images taken by Harry*

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