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I get asked a LOT about the kids room and how we manage so many sharing one space.  Let me start with.. We are in privately rented accommodation.  We sold our house and decided to rent in this sweet little town just outside Edinburgh.  We wanted to make sure we LOVED it before we committed.  At the time we only had Ruby, she was almost 3 and a 2 bed cottage was enough for us.

Then, we unexpectedly had 3 more babies all super close together.  Making our large 2 bed cottage a little cramped and 4 years later we are still here.  We are trying to get out.. but as you know getting a mortgage is a little impossible and renting anything bigger isn’t really in our budget right now.  So, we switched it to suit us.  We made our living room into a spacious bedroom and our dining room is our current sitting room.  It’s a big higgledy piggledy, but a genius idea until we upgrade.

But, I digress.  I always promised I’d share the twins bedroom.  Lucy shares it with them and it works perfectly for us right now.

We have the twins against one wall, and Lucy has a cot in her own corner.  They’ve shared since Lucy was 6 months and we’ve moved the room round so many times.  We find this way works best and when they get a little bigger we always have the option of switching it up a little.

Storage unit: Great Little Trading CompanyWhisbear: Sleep White Noise (best sleep helper we’ve found. Ever).

Most of their toys are in storage boxes. We keep as much ‘away’ as we can and try and rotate toys.  We don’t have the space to have a play room, and if you’ve seen my Instagram Stories, you’ll see how wild this room can get if they are left alone too long.

Play Table: Aldi

Cinema Box: Home Bargains.  Money toy: Maileg.  Dinosaur Planter & Tiny unicorn: TK Maxx.

The play table from Aldi was a christmas gift and has helped this room a lot.  I can get a selection of toys out for constructive play, use it for painting or just to keep things a little neater when I let them play alone.  It’s kid height so they can all stand around with plenty room.  We try and use cube units or storage where we can.  Another downfall of being rented means we need permission before putting shelves up, so to save hassle we just haven’t, the room would be completely different if it was our home.

Theres a few cubbies still waiting for boxes.  I was desperately looking for yellow ones to go with the grey but Ikea haven’t got any, but we are hanging in there.  If you’ve seen similar that fit the Kallax, do let me know?

Record Player: Vintage Fisher Price (from when I was 4). Wooden Rainbow: Sainsbury’s.  Wooden Blocks: Camden Market, London.

We have a LOT of books.  This is about half our original amount, I had a bit of a cull over the easter break and well thumbed ones were popped in the recycling.  We do a few bedtime stories and the kids have their current favorites in their book shelves above their beds.  Which means they can grab them in the morning and read if they wake up a little early.  Which surprisingly, they do!  I try my very best to keep them organized in a lovely rainbow, but it doesn’t last very long.

Rainbow Blanket: Lala & Bea.  Bunny: Monsoon.  ‘L’ Hanging Pocket: Next.

Wooden Camera: John Lewis.  Bunting Banners: Paperchase. Bunny Plush: Handmade.

We love that the little ones share a room and enjoy it too.  They are always playing games together, giggling or jumping on the beds.  I think if we had a bigger house they would still love to share, it’s nice to have siblings so close, and I love that they are really appreciating each others company right now.

Cushions (not name cushion): Cath Kidston. Unicorn: Mamas & Papas. Bedding: Ikea.

Book Shelves: Ikea. Frames: Ikea. Artwork: TK Maxx.

We love them sharing a room, I am excited for Harry to have his own someday soon, but for now, this is what works for us.  Do your kids share?  Do they love it?  If you have any tips or hacks we haven’t shared we would love to hear them!

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    June 14, 2018

    Aww Zoe, you are so organised in the kids room. My middle two have also always shared and feel organising their room a nightmare! Thanks for sharing ?

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