When we first had our girl/boy twins, our house became this never ending sea of pink and blue.
It almost started making me feel nauseous looking at it daily and I longed to have something to dress them in that was similar, like you imagined you would with twins, that wasn’t plastered with pastel bunnies or elephants and didn’t resemble a marshmallow.
But we never found what we were looking for.

Then along came Tootsa and this gorgeous range of unisex clothing, ethically made, gorgeous fabrics, and such bold and colourful prints, right up our street!  It’s pretty easy to see why they’ve won awards for best childrenswear.
My kids have never looked so stylish running through puddles!

And finally no gender stereo typing pinks or blues.

We headed out into the woodlands, on the wettest ‘summers’ day we’ve had.
We thought we’d really give the clothing a run for its money.
Puddle jumping, running, climbing, lots of crying (from Harry, who refused to come near the camera) and stick collecting.

The kids, much to my horror, kept wiping muddy hands down outfits and falling to their knee’s in the wettest patch of ground they could find.

But the fabrics are so hard wearing and practical that it wiped off quickly with a wipe and washed beautifully once we were home.
And you know you are onto a winner when the twins fight over who gets to wear the hoody.
(Emily Won).

We’ve given these guys a massive thumbs up, practical, colorful clothing.  That not only I loved, but the kids did too.
The raindrop cardi was my favorite and Ruby’s.
Dressing a 6 year old isn’t so easy, they have their own ‘style’ we’ll call it, and she is fast coming bored of being dressed like her younger sisters, but totally indulges me.
She adored the dress embellished with birds I picked out for her and has asked for it to be her next party outfit.


We love that Tootsa believe in ethically made clothing in registered factories, where workers are paid fairly, with holidays and workers aren’t children, and we love that all the clothing is age appropriate too.
Thats a brand we can 100% get behind!

To celebrate Amazonian Day with Tootsa, the lovely 20% discount code TootsaAZ will be available to use tomorrow ONLY, so you can grab yourself some of this gorgeous collection too!

You can view the lovely Amazonian Rainforest Collection here:

We hope you love it as much as we do, thank you for having us Tootsa!
It was a blast!

*this post was sponsored by Tootsa.  All views and opinions are my own*


March 23, 2017

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    June 22, 2017

    Such absolutely DARLING pictures, Zoe! I love them, and Tootsa must be so pleased with these images as well. I haven’t bought any Tootsa in ages but have an impressive vintage collection awaiting the girls… I will check out their current range! x

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