The TOP 10 spots to see the Blossoms in Edinburgh this Spring

Each year in March, Edinburgh slowly begins to bloom, little pockets of flowers appear across the city. There’s a smattering of blossoms in gardens and then the Meadow’s never fail’s to put on a show. People chase the blossoms all over the city and take part in #BlossomWatch. Instagram becomes filled with streams of sunlight streaming through florals and I am so here for it.

Today marks the first day of spring and the city has already started to get ready. Spring is one of those seasons that I feel is a little underrated. Winter gets the hype of Christmas, everyone loves a bit of sunshine in the Summer and the dark academia crowd go wild for Autumn, which is also my favourite, but I feel like Spring can often be overlooked.

I’ve gathered my favourite spring and blossom spots for you, so you can visit them when you are in the city this season. There’s even a handy map for you at the bottom so you can go on your very own blossom trail.

Top spots to see the blossoms in Edinburgh:

Starbank Park
Possibly one of the best hidden gems in Edinburgh. Tucked away in Newhaven, Starbank park puts on a whole show of it’s own. A secluded wee park, with a fairy garden and a borrowing library shaped like a police box, if Starbank Park isn’t on your list of places to visit this Spring then you are most definitely missing out.

Market Street
This spot is right at the bottom of Cockburn street and is easy to spot. A bright red police box cafe, nestled under a huge blossom tree, it screams romance… especially when the blossoms start to fall off in the wind. It’s just dreamy!

Princes Street Gardens
Down by Ross Fountain there’s those deep, rich red blossoms to be seen, they frame the Castle and the gardens become so bold and vibrant in the Spring. It’s a great spot for a coffee, a play in the park with the kids or simply read a book by the fountain like you are in some kind of rom-com. Bliss.

Botanical Gardens
Often missed because it’s a little further from the city centre, but worth a stop, not only for blossoms but for a whole day out. See the ducks, feed the squirrels, the waterfall or the Japanese gardens. Stop for coffee and wander through the blossoms. The Botanics does spring so well.

Princes Street
Princes Street is lined with blossoms along the main fence leading to the gardens. There are blossoms and a smattering of magnolia’s too. The length of Princes Street becomes a sea of pink blooms and it looks incredible!

Chessels Court
Tucked away off the Royal Mile, Chessels court is already known for its hidden romance. A heart made of ivy on the wall is a popular spot for those on Instagram and when the blossoms come, along with the roses it just gives it that little bit extra charm.

Cannongate Kirk
A little spot on the Royal Mile, the Kirk has beautiful red doors, large gates and is surrounded by pink blossoms. The benches are often filled with people just taking in the view or stopping with a coffee and friends. It’s a stunning spot.

St Andrews Square
This is an underrated spot, often used as a walk through to get from one side of town to the other. The park is filled with city workers on their lunch break. But when the blossoms bloom it turns into the perfect picnic spot.

Queen Marys Bathhouse
Daffodils flood the floor sometimes with a smattering of tulips. While there’s not a blossom tree within the grounds there are a smattering of some outside the walls that can be seen in the background. The florals on display here more than make up for it and its a must stop on your visit.

The Meadows
The last to bloom and one of my absolute favourites, the Meadows has rows of blossoms tree’s that line the park. We have a little spring tradition with the kids and take some family shots in the blossoms each year and it’s one of our favourite places to go for a wee Spring picnic.

Always wander off the main road, there are so many hidden spots around houses that are tucked away from the tourist spots in the city centre. The garden’s are full of little gems and its always worth taking a walk through some unknown streets.

Here is a handy map for you to save and visit the spots on your trip this spring!

Map courtesy of Wanderlog, an itinerary planner on iOS and Android


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    Edinburgh Seater

    April 25, 2022

    I don’t go on vacation or anything but every now and then I’d wake up at sunrise to go cycling around the city I live in by myself without telling anyone. It’s feels pretty good to just get lost in your own thoughts

    • Reply

      My Little Wildlings

      October 27, 2022

      This sounds like such bliss 🙂

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