The Kindness of Strangers.

Today we went to the beach.  Not for our usual wander and ice cream but to thank strangers.
I was shown the biggest amount of kindness from people I’d never met.  People who didn’t know me and a couple I’d only just met moments before.  We go to the beach every few days, walk the prom and eat ice cream, we sing songs as we walk along the wall and go spend our saved up coppers on the arcade machines.  Our last visit wasn’t so much fun.

Harry fainted.  It was a weird faint.  Where he didn’t actually pass out.  He went a funny shade of grey and hit the floor.  His head clattered a chair on the way down and then the blood started seeping out the back of his head.  He went floppy and I couldn’t get him off the floor, he would just fall back down as if he was made of jelly.  He wasn’t crying and just lay there looking at me, then the tears started and I couldn’t console him.

Then the strangers came.

One called a first aider from a shop.  One helped me to my feet making sure I didn’t drop Harry.  One grabbed an ice pack and another stroked my back and asked me questions to distract me from going into a mothers panic.  The amount of blood wasn’t something I’d seen before. Inside my head all I could hear was ‘call an ambulance, call an ambulance’. But no one did.  No one suggested it.  Everyone kept assuring me that head wounds bleed more and I just sat there trying not to panic, watching the blood seep through a couple of layers of a tea towel and dripping onto the floor.

We spent a few hours in A&E.  Just us and a blood soaked towel.  We read books, played eye spy and snuggled.  Harry tried to doze off a few times, have you ever tried to walk a concussed kid around A&E 5 hours passed bedtime?  It’s not easy.  The lovely staff at the Sick Kids held the back of his head closed, popped on some glue and told us to keep an eye on him.  And that was it.  We headed home.  One member even follows me here and sent a message to double check Harry was doing ok.

I’ve been told so many times that I’ll never be out of the hospital waiting room with having a boy.  Always getting themselves into scrapes.  This was a first and hoping the last for a very long time.  Hi head has healed and he proudly shows everyone his scar.  That he got fighting a shark in the water protecting his sisters.

It’s never a moment I’ll forget, and I’ll never be able to say how thankful I am, the kindness of strangers healed this mama heart.  Thank you!


August 26, 2018

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