The Best Cinnamon Bun in Edinburgh

If there’s one thing I know about Edinburgh, my niche, specialist subject if you will, it’s hot chocolates and cinnamon buns. I have tried almost every bun in the city that’s worth trying, for work purposes of course. All so I can share with you the absolute best in town so you don’t need to painstakingly search when you visit.

At this point, I am 90% cinnamon bun and 10% dry shampoo. so, here are a list of my absolute favourites that you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Edinburgh. I’ve taken notes and photos when I’ve remembered before I’ve dived in. Let’s do this!

101 Bakery
The cinnamon buns from 101 are my Favourite in the entire city, and let me tell you why.
Apart from the fact they soft and delicious. They HEAT. IT. UP.
A few seconds in the microwave, and you get a warm bun, with extra icing poured on and its just a delight in a box. I take mine to the Meadows with a cosy drink and get comfy on a park bench with a book.

101 Newington Rd,
Edinburgh EH9 1QW

Bearded Baker
It’s been a while since I managed to get a bun from here, it’s always a little too far out the way on my usual route, and often has a bit if a queue, but worth the wait I would say.

Teamed up with a hot chocolate. A brilliant wee stop.

46 Rodney St,
Edinburgh EH7 4DX

Room & Rumours
You can choose from cinnamon buns, or biscoff buns here. Their donuts are excellent too if you get a chance to pop by this place. Again.. heating the cinnamon bun up would just be the icing on the bun (lol)
Just a few seconds walk from the Waverley station, it’s a good place to sit and decide your next move if you’ve just arrive to the city.

25 East Market Street
Arch 12 & 13,
Edinburgh EH8 8FS

Brew Lab
Tucked away off south bridge, this cosy wee spot feels like a well known, hidden secret.
Their cinnamon buns are big and fluffy and I love the dark warmth of this place. It’s aesthetically pleasing and I’ll definitely take a good book next time I stop by.
6-8 South College St,
Edinburgh EH8 9AA

The Milkman
Step 1 – Get the window seat,
Step 2 – Get a white hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun.
Step 3 – Relax and people watch.

We all know The Milkman is one of my favourite cafes in the whole of Edinburgh, & their cinnamon buns just nail that spot for them.

7 Cockburn St,
Edinburgh EH1 1BP

The Pastry Section
I love the cinnamon buns from here, but… I’m a traditional icing on the bun kind of girl, these ones have more a cream cheese type topping. While it’s not my favourite way to top a cinnamon bun, they are still good and deserved a place on the list.

86 Raeburn Pl,
Edinburgh EH4 1HH

I am a lover of the classic bun, a roll with a soggy centre that you leave until last. A fair few stops in Edinburgh do a twisted cinnamon knot and I thought they should get a mention:

The best knot in town. It has a sticky glaze and they are gone before 10am, so you have to be quick!

Delightful, doesn’t cover it. Their buns are always good, they also do a really great one with a vanilla custard type in the middle, which are just *chefs kiss*.

Twelve Triangles
Another knot to make the list. This one was too good knot to add. Their hazelnut one is pretty good too!

Which every you choose, I doubt you’ll be disappointed! And if there’s one in the city (or Scotland) I haven’t listed and MUST try, let me know!

September 1, 2022


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    Micaela Almeida

    September 12, 2022

    Great list! Adding all the cinnamon stops to my Edinburgh bucket list. Going for the 1st time in October and looking forward to have one or two cozy treats!
    Would any of these spots offer gluten free options?

    • Reply

      My Little Wildlings

      October 27, 2022

      Hi Micaela, thank you! I know quite a lot of the cinnamon buns I’ve posted are vegan, but I’m not sure about gluten. Edinburgh has a really good gluten free menu in some places, so you won’t be stuck, that’s for sure 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  2. Reply


    September 13, 2022

    Here’s 8-month pregnant me, living in Sweden and dreaming of going to Edinburgh to eat cinnamon buns haha Swedish ones are pretty good too but now they have to be from Edinburgh (thanks pregnancy hormones). Lovely post with some important information.

    • Reply

      My Little Wildlings

      October 27, 2022

      Oh maybe one day you’ll be sat here with that beautiful little one, both eating buns and people watching from a cafe window, you’ll have to send me a photo too! 🙂

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