Coffee Shop Journals | Steampunk, North Berwick

I adore visiting a tea shop.  I am secretly a 90 year old lady and love nothing more than sitting with a cup of tea and a book.  Back before we had kids I’d spend my weekends floating between photoshoots and cafes and fell in love with a good old english breakfast.  I’d make my husband stop during road trips if we happen to pass a quaint little building that might hint that it serves some sort of tea.

I wanted to share the Tea Journals Series with you guys, a way to share my favorite stops, new ones, old ones, those that are little hidden gems and yet to be discovered and have any recommended that are worth a visit. What I didn’t want to happen was for this little series to turn into cafe reviews or anything similar, I just love a really good cup of tea tea, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

Steampunk Coffee is a steel framed, two-story warehouse just off North Berwick high street, it’s a busy little seaside town and is always filled with tourists eating ice cream, no matter the weather.  Steampunk has been on my Tea Journals list for some time.  We had a few spare hours before picking up the twins, so thought we’d use it wisely and pop in for a cuppa.  We stopped by on one of the sunniest bank holiday weekends we’ve had in years.  Wasn’t the best idea we’ve had but we went with it.

Every chair outside was crammed with holiday visitors, locals and sweet little dogs, North Berwick is generally a busy little seaside town, so it was crazy to think any different.  But inside was empty, apart from a few new mummies feeding babies in the shade, so you can imagine I was pretty delighted that I managed to get the most instagrammable seats in the place.  A cosy little corner upstairs, filled with an eclectic mix of furniture, a wood burner and well thumbed books.  I could keep Lucy in one spot and didn’t have to worry she was going to run off and trip someone walking with hot coffees.

Most of the tourist trade has beaten us to the good cakes, so we settled for sharing some yummy nutella cookies.  When I say share, we had to fight Lucy for the crumbs.
The corner we camped up in was cosy and safe, so while the girls played with some things out my bag, I got to read a little bit of a book, popped a few instagram stories up and sit with my feet up and have a proper conversation with my husband about absolutely nothing.  The best kind of chats.

We sat for around 45 minutes, people watching, reading and letting the girls play.  It was lovely to sit and relax and listen to the hustle and bustle down stairs.  It was s lovely little change from the chain stores in town.  To watch people talk so passionately about coffee, with a good knowledge of it too.

Steampunk was such a sweet little stop, with a gorgeous backdrop and a good english breakfast.  I’m glad we took the chance and I can’t wait until we pass by again.


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