Tea Parties and best friends

Firstly, I cannot believe I haven’t posted this!  It’s been sat as a draft for months, and I actually thought it had been scheduled.  In the whirlwind that is twins, it kinda got left behind.  No time like the present to post it though?

Every few weeks I have a ‘cake date’ with Ruby.  Just me & her.  I let her pick a place, we order tea and cakes and chat about our week, what we’ve done, what we’d like to do and always end it with a little treat in town.  It’s our ‘thing’.  Ruby & mummy days.  No rushing, no twins running around trying to grab at our cake.  Just us.

As lovely as the dates are she has longed for a sibling that she can have little impromptu tea parties with at home.  Mr Rabbit is fantastic best friend, but theres only so much carrot cake one bunny can eat.

This is the exact moment she has longed for.  Emily popping herself down beside her, so she can feed her some gourmet cakes & delicious tea.  And before we know it, all 4 will be sitting there, around the make shift table, chatting about their week.



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    January 20, 2016

    My girls love to do this, they got more to go with their sets including a wooden tea trolley so they just love setting up and handing the goodies out. Lovely photos x

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    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    January 27, 2016

    This is so sweet! My big two play together so well and I can’t wait for Finn to be able to join in more, although it mostly involves being vikings and hunting dragons rather than tea parties here!

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