The Siblings Project {March}

When the twins were born they had an instant bond, like you would expect.  They had shared my womb for 9 months and were inseparable when they came into the world.
And of course, Ruby felt a little left out.  They snuggled together for naps, they often fell asleep holding hands and even now at 18 months old, they haven’t spend a single night apart and spend the days playing together.

At just a few days old, the bond between these two couldn’t be more perfect.  It’s like they’ve always been friends.  She finally has her own little person to love on.

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    Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    April 7, 2016

    That is SUCH a beautiful photo! So adorable, and makes me desperate for newborn snuggles. That’s so lovely that they have a bond already xx

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      Simply Ruby

      August 27, 2016

      Thanks Louise, would be lovely to meet you one day! x

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