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I share videos all day on Instagram stories, just snippets of our days.  Walks to the park, wanders through town or beach stops for ice cream.  I try and choose music that matches the video or goes together, like pairing a wine and cheese.  I can take a really long time committing to something, sometimes I know what the song choice will be before I’ve even finished the video.

I get handfuls of messages every week about the music choices. Some thanking me for reminders that a song existed, some that remind people of their childhood, a break up or just one that hits the right spot and we don’t really know why.  A certain beat, a line or a word and it can take you right back to a moment.  Giving you butterflies in your tummy and you can’t explain why.  It just does.  I’ve always thought music says a lot about a person, you can tell what mood they are in or what kind of day they’ve had.

I grew up with music, there was a different playlist for everything.  Spring Cleaning, with the windows flung open and you could hear Bob Marley blasting down the street as the whole house got a good dusting.  A quiet evening sitting on the floor when I visited my Dad, we would colour and doodle along to David Bowie or The Rolling Stones, the sound of the needle hitting a record and the vinyl starting still makes my heart all kinds of happy.  Or, lying in bed at 4am with a song on repeat after your first breakup until you eventually fall asleep.  Every song means something different to someone else.  They come at a different time in your life, just when tyou needed it.  You listen back when you are a little older and the words are still the same but can mean something totally different and can mean so much more, or less.

My first ever record I bought was Kylie, Locomotion.  I had the leg warmers and knew the dance moves.  I remember walking back into town from the record shop with my mum, swimming my bag, so proud of myself and couldn’t wait to put it on. It played on a loop for weeks and is more than likely why I can’t stand listening to it now.  Then, I got my first walkman and while my friends were taping the chartshow.  Trying so hard to cut the DJ’s chatting off and get just the song I was blasting Greenday’s ‘Dookie’ album and the next minute was listening to Classical FM and not caring how ‘uncool’ it was not knowing who was at number one, I still couldn’t.  There comes a certainty as you grow, being more confident with the music you choose to surround yourself with, being self assured and knowing who you are so when you hear a song, you instantly know you love it.

I get asked often if I can make a playlist.  So, now that the smallest ones are all in nursery for a couple of hours a day, how do you think I spent my time?  Thats right… I went through my stories for the last year and made a list of the songs I’d used and popped them in a playlist.  You are welcome *wink*.

You can click here:
*My Little Stories – all the song from my stories*

And it will take you to Spotify, and each time I upload a new story with a song I’ll pop it in.
I’ve got a few other playlists in the works and will keep adding them over time.

Happy Friday, and enjoy!

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