My Little Ballerina

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Over the last few months Ruby’s been tough to parent.
She’s had high levels of sass, and an attitude only 13 year old me would have been scared of.
I had hoped it was tiredness and she would snap out of it.  But it seemed to get a little worse.
She started answering back, instead of talking to me and smart ass answers replaced my sweet girls tone.

On Saturday I got to watch her dance in her first ballet performance, She walked onto stage with not a care.  Her head held high and her legs long and straight, and suddenly she looked all grown up.  As if I was watching her in a theatre performance of Swan Lake.  The moment she started dancing my eyes filled with tears. She looked so elegant.  She danced so proudly and the last few months were all forgotten.

I forgot how disciplined ballet was.  How hard she had worked and she was so desperate to keep it all a surprise for us for show night.
She had practiced during lessons and at home and didn’t let a single detail slip and not even as much as a toe was out of place on the night.
Her first ever ballet performance on stage and she nailed it.

One day, I hope to watch her on the big stage, dancing just as beautifully,
My Little Ballerina.

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    December 10, 2017

    A wee that’s lovely! Well done Ruby xx

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