Motherhood Magic | February

We had an extra day in February this year, and I’m still behind myself and didn’t manage to get this months Motherhood Magic post up on time.

The weeks since Christmas have flown in. So quickly. I run around doing school runs and organising things and before I know it, its Friday again and I’ve no idea where my week has gone, and how we are already in March when it just felt like Burns night last week.

My charger broke for my camera and I didn’t get around to ordering a new one, so have been relying on my phone A LOT. It felt like a massive piece of me was missing and it threw my balance off a little, does that make sense?

Because I am SO used to having the extra weight with me, leaving it home just felt so strange. And you KNOW there’s always going to be an ace photo opportunity when you don’t have it with you. It’s some kind of universal law.

The new charger has arrived and I will be back to normal for March, we’ve got a special little birthday, a few parties & a handful of really ace collaborations, so I can’t wait to share those with you!

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