Lucy | 7 months

How is it that when you are pregnant, it seems like forever.  Then whoosh, 7 months fly in, in a matter of seconds.  You are already 7 months, I’m not sure if you understand this, you seem to think you are one of the bigger gang, crawling and pulling yourself up on the furniture.  Pretty sure you think you can walk already.  Stop it.  Sit back down.  My heart can’t take it.

You love to play peek-a-boo.  You giggle instantly if Ruby as much as walks past you, and the twins… they are the most hilarious people on the earth when they aren’t zooming by and knocking you over.
You’ve learnt to crawl this week, you aren’t quite at the speed you’d like, by the time you get into the room where everyones playing they have already whisked their toys off to another and you have to start your little journey again.

Your eyes are still blue and you look exactly like your sister did.  It’s like I’ve gone back in time and had her all over again.  You have the same determination she did.

You are a mini boss.

We finally took a little leap and made a Vlog too, be kind, it’s our first (hopefully of many).  I’ll be writing a proper post about it sometime during November, but for those who fancy a peek or subscribe, here it is…

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    Nicola Greenan

    November 6, 2016

    As beautiful to read as ever – thank you for always making me smile xx

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