Our Little Lucy | Happy 2nd Birthday

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Our Little Lucy,

Two.  Seems so little and yet so big all at the same time.  I remember bringing you home from the hospital as if it was only yesterday and then someone pressed fast forward on our lives.  No one tells you just how emotional you’ll be when your youngest hits one of the bigger milestones and I am currently crying into a piece of birthday cake.

You’ve got a few nicknames in the house, Baby Lucy, Lucy Pie, Lucyfer (for the obvious reasons) and Foghorn.  You. are. the. loudest.  We’ve no idea why but we can hear you before we see you, no matter where you are and it has everyone in fits of giggles.

You are independent, you are wild, you are a complete and utter handful but you are unapologetically you, and we hope you never change.  You are the smallest person with the biggest amount of heart. You mother sweet little babies that you pass in the street and high five anyone who will do it back.  You pick the prettiest of flowers, always to give them away.  You delight in seeing people happy and it makes your face glow, the change people are so desperate to see in the world is in you, and you can see it just by looking at you.

We never knew just how much we needed you & feel like the luckiest family in the world.

We love you, our Baby Lucy xxx

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