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(noun) A house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
See also – Lockdown.

I’ve never enjoyed shooting at home. We moved from a beautiful country home to a small cottage and then had a heap of kids. *squash* Everything always feels a bit dark and cramped and I would just avoid shooting inside at all costs. We always thought we would move into something bigger so never decorated so never really felt at home.

With the UK in lockdown I’ve had no choice but to shoot indoors or in the garden. It can be a challenge to shoot things from a different perspective, but I’ve found that shifting how I see things has helped. I’ve become grateful for this safe little space, that we are all here together and I’ve grown to love how we use it so differently now the kids are no longer in school. I’ve enjoyed this last month at home more than I could have imagined and have fallen in love with our little home.

So this weeks prompt is: Home.

Think of new angles you’ve never used. How does lockdown look for you? How are you spending your days, are you baking together? Filling it with movies and pj days? How does ‘home’ currently look for you?

You can join in each week by tagging @MyLittleWildlings & #MyLittleCapture in your images and I’ll share them here at the end of the week. Last week (before Easter) the theme was Self Portrait. Thank you so much to all those who took part! So lovely to see YOU!

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I took my inspiration from some old Paul McCartney shots for mine….

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