Happiest 3rd Birthday to my Twins

Oh Harry,
Today in the park you picked up a worm.  A gaggle of girls screamed and ran off in all directions as you tried to show them.  Which left you in fits of giggles.  You sum up the definition of ‘boy’ – A noise with dirt on it.

You’ve always been a sensitive soul, its adorable.  But lately you’ve found your boy streak.  Stomping over the girls tea parties with the Hulk in tow and building train tracks over & through anything you can find.  You are a delight to be around, even with the stomping.

Love Mama x

My sweet sweet Emily.
You are so emotional.  It takes less than 3 seconds for you to be in floods of tears over the smallest thing, and just as quick you’ll be throwing your head back in fits of laughter.  I’m not sure you even know how to deal with the emotions yourself.

You have finally started sprouting hair and its ADORABLE, attracting comments where ever we go.  And you are so so proud of those wee tufts of red curls that are sprouting from your head like weeds, they are as wild and unpredictable as you are.

You have the best sense of humor and have almost perfected sarcasm.  If you don’t grow to be some sort of comedian, we’ll all be so surprised.

Love Mama x

Happiest of birthdays my little ones, you make me the proudest mama possible each & every day xxx

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