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Coffee Shop Journals were once my favourite posts to write. We have a list of cafes saved in my notes section and we would pick one a week to take the kids or I’d visit alone during the day when I had a spare moment to myself.

When 2020 and that ball of fun hit there was a lot that closed, some sadly never reopened and space due to social distancing was limited, so Coffee Shop Journals had to be put to one side until things got back to some kind of normal. Thing’s have slowly returned to how they once were and being able to come out and support the independent places again has been a real treat.

Grow Urban has been on our list for a while. Right at the top. It took a wee while for it to reopen and the cafe section opened a little later than the store did. We finally managed to go and it did not disappoint!

A gorgeous little nook just 10 minutes from the town centre (they’v e opened a second store closer to town too), filled with all things plants. They have a table by the window with enough seating for 2 small gatherings or our whole brood. There was a delightful selection of cakes, with lemon slices and brownies, so we got a bit of everything and a round of hot chocolates for the kids.

I’ve always loved plants but I’ve never been very good at looking after them. I’ve managed to kill everything from cactus to spider plants, and once an aloe vera. Some say over watering, I say with love.
I had some birthday pennies and with us getting organised for buying the house I thought some new plants might be a good way to spend it.

The kids all picked one each and proudly carried them around. You can get hand painted pots and all kinds of treasures for the ultimate plant lover, and I left with a pretty impressive bag of goodies. The staff were filled with so much knowledge and I can proudly say that 4 months on, my plants are not only still alive but are thriving!

It’s a gorgeous little nook filled with all things botanical and one to visit for sure. Good luck leaving without a new plant and a full belly!

If there’s cafe you would like us to visit, you can suggest one, or support me here ‘Buy Me a Coffee‘ and I’ll add it to my list. Enjoy!

Plan your visit:
Grow Urban
92 grove street
eh3 8ap

8b st. vincent street 
stockbridge / new town 
eh3 6sh

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