Dean Village & Circus Lane | The Edinburgh Series

I get asked a lot about what it’s like to live in Edinburgh, favourite spots, where to take wee ones and ‘is it really that cold?’. Yes. Not always, but it gets pretty chilly, pretty quickly. I always think Edinburgh always looks dreamy when its a little gloomier and gives it such an ethereal atmosphere.  I didn’t always appreciate it quite so much growing up, but now I couldn’t call anywhere else home.

When it comes to the weekend we are spoilt for choice on what to do.  Being so close to the centre of the city we are within easy driving distance of everything.  Beaches, woodlands, castles and villages.  Some weekends are perfect for scooting by the sea, but this weekend the kids wanted a hot chocolate and a trip into town.  Dean Village couldn’t have been a better choice.

It’s tucked away in the middle of Stockbridge, which has some amazing history and the most beautiful streets in all of Edinburgh. It’s charming, filled with little boutiques, independent cafes & cake shops and some of the best charity shops you’ll find in the city.  It’s always bustling with locals and tourists and over the weekend you can find a sweet little market offering food & coffee right on the main street, covered by umbrellas and smelling amazing.

We started our walk through Circus lane.  One of my favourite streets, its an instagrammers dream.
A quaint little street & such a delight to look at.  Each door way is filled with flowers and foliage that is beautifully kept with the changing seasons.  There’s rarely any cars which means the kids can wander up and down the cobbles as much as they like, spinning in their dresses & saying hello to the locals who are hanging out of their windows watering their flowers.  It’s the perfect backdrop for a little instagram shoot (as you can see from how many photos I’ve shared) and you can’t help fall in love with it a little bit and stay a little longer than is needed.

One of the best parts of this busy little street is you are never short of a passerby to take a photo of everyone for you!

We stopped for a little hot chocolate, theres lots of independent and chain places to choose from, and Steampunk (from our Tea Journals) are at the market too.  We walked across the road and under the bridge through to Dean Village.  If you’ve never been to Dean Village and you are local, put it on your list!  If you are coming to Edinburgh for a visit and are only here for a short time – make sure its as near the top of your list as you can get.

It’s like stepping through a magical arch into a little fairy tale.  A picturesque walk along the water of Leith, passing countless dog walkers who all say hello or nod their heads as their little dogs run by.  It’s one of those little places that makes you forget you are right in the middle of a busy city.  This post is far from a history lesson, more a photography journal of such a stunning place.  You could spend hours and hours just wandering around and always find something new to stop and look at.

Dean Village is one of our favourite little stops in town and I fall in love with it a little more every time I visit.  I also want to paint the house yellow.  You can only imagine what these gorgeous cobbled streets have seen as you wander through the busy little village.  The locals hanging out their washing as the tourists and visitors take photos and mosey around the little nooks and alleyways.

If you would like to see more, you can hop over to Instagram where I popped our day at Dean Village in Stories too! (Now saved in Highlights).

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