Your vibe attracts your tribe| Blogtacular 2016

BLOGTACULAR3Before the birds had even cleared their throats to sing their morning songs,  I quietly kissed my little ones and tucked them all back into bed.  Snuggling Lucy safely into her sling, I grabbed my bag and we headed to London.

The train was quiet and Lucy napped on and off most of the way, blowing bubbles and giving out little smiles to the passengers that passed by.  There was a delay as we headed into London, we chatted to a lovely lady who was on her way to meet a friend.  She had dyed her hair purple just for the event.  We chatted about grandchildren and families and how she wished she’d had more children.  She patted Lucy on the head, wished us luck and just like that… she was lost in a sea of people.

I’m probably not the only one, but I find London completely terrifying.
It’s so big and busy.  The tubes are always brimming with folk, commuting to work and home, noses firmly in books like the world around them doesn’t exist.  We thought better than trying to negotiate the underground with a baby and bags, so hopped in a cab to our Hotel.
The gorgeous Annie from The Great Little Trading Co was there to greet us with one of the most welcomed hugs and a quick bag drop in the hotel.  I proudly attended the event as a GLTC ambassador and a new member of their testing team.  I was also lucky enough to get a tour around the brand new GLTC show rooms.  Being in Edinburgh, we sadly couldn’t make the opening party.

They.  Are.  Beautiful.

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Image: GLTC

I wanted to race back to the hotel, grab my bag and move right in.  The entire showroom is nothing short of a delight. We were pretty big fans before, the twins have some gorgeous Northcote storage, a kitchen & tea set, but seeing everything in person makes you want it even more.  Gorgeous grey wallpaper with stars sprinkled through bedrooms, with fluffy rugs underfoot.  Play tables all set and ready for imaginations to run wild.  Each room is set up with various ranges of beds, crisp bedding and their own take on classic wooden toys.  Children are free to run around and use their imagination without being chastised for touching.  I crammed a quick tour in, which was just an excuse to play with toys and watched a little girl giggle with her mama while diving into a cabin bed.  The show rooms give you that warm and cosy feeling, like you’ve just come home.

GLTC, great, trading, company, london, mummy, mama, blogger, london, blogtacular, twins, mulltiples
Image: GLTC

I’ve always wanted to take a video course.  I found out this year that Xanthe Berkeley was taking the group video walk before the event *immediate sign up*.  I looked at taking one of Xanthes courses right before I found out I was expecting little Lucy.  Her stop motion videos are some of my favorite, she captures all the tiniest of moments that are ordinarily over looked.  Putting them together in a weekly time capsule to be forever enjoyed.

Image: Xanthe Berkely

We arrived late to the video walk, after a wrong turn and a call back to the office our cab made it to covent garden.  The group were already filming as we sneaked to the back and tried to catch up on what we had missed.  The first person to flash me a big smile was Ellie, one half of Yellow Lolly, who turned out to be a mama bear.  She instantly took Lucy & I under her wing and caught me up, providing a tissue and a hug without prompting.

Theres an art to umbrella spinning, that I haven’t quite mastered, but be prepared to see more of it on my feed.  It made for such an effective shot on the videos.

It was if the heavens had waited until the video walk was over before they opened up and soaked us.  We grabbed food and killed a few hours before we were to attend  the West Elm evening do for the Paper Maker Party.
So many people with incredible talents were there.  I stood for almost an hour, chatting to a busy line of excited girls to have my portrait done by Miss Magpie Spy.


I learnt to craft flowers, write my name in the most beautiful calligraphy and meet & chat more to the ladies who would be attending the event the next day.


None of the weekend would have been possible without Annie and The Great Little Trading team.  None of it.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a little part of the GLTC team.  Thanks to them, I found a group of ladies who were nothing short of supportive and wonderful.  I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe and life long friends.

Women who support women are my favorite, check out their Instagrams here:

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    June 27, 2016

    Ah it was such a lovely weekend – and I love that the photo walks only needed the umbrellas as props!!

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      Simply Ruby

      August 27, 2016

      I still haven’t bought myself a rainbow umbrella, I WILL for christmas 🙂

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