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It’s foggy on the water.  It dark and theres a creepy rustling sound coming from the bushes over at the side of the lake.
The water is still and I feel like my life jacket is strangling my tiny little neck.  It feels eerily cold and the paddle boat won’t stop swaying from side to side, like its going to capsize any moment with me and the kids in it.

Never to be seen again.

I had this dream every night for weeks and weeks when a Grand parent suggested taking the kids on a cruise, or some sort of Disney adventure.

Cruises are for pensioners who want to play bingo comfortably while someone else steers them to the next sunny location on their bucket list.  I didn’t own a bingo pen, they would find my kids overly annoying, because I do and who wants to put on a crystal encrusted gown and tiara on just so you can go have dinner?
The thought of the whole thing totally made me anxious.

Then I bagged myself one of 150 tickets with Tots100 to attend the BlogCamp event in Southampton with MSC Cruises.
I flew to Southampton the night before, my first ever flight alone.  In a rickety old plane with the tiniest of propellers that I’m not sure would have helped a bee take off, never mind 40 humans.  But it did, surprisingly.

It’s the first time I’ve had a night away from Lucy, who totally handled it like a champ, not that I ever doubted her.
Me?  I cried like a baby.
2 panic attacks and a meltdown later and I made it to my hotel.

The ship was nothing short of impressive.
Boasting 11 different dining venues, 19 bars and a cinema that seats nearly a thousand people, diamond staircases and not a single bingo hall or purple rinse in sight.
The MSC ships are super family friendly, with kids splash zones, party rooms & onboard entertainment with DoReMi and their catchy little theme song.
If you are inclined, you can even leave your children at one of the many kids clubs which you pop off for a few hours for a quiet dinner or a look around the latest port.

There are family friendly cabins with connecting doors, so you can visit in bigger groups, as a family of 6 who are normally doubly charged this sounds just perfect for us, and getting to visit more than one country all within one trip is a massive selling point and I’d love for my children to see the world!

Not only did I get to do the stuff of dreams ALL day, but I got to spend it with some of the loveliest bloggers/vloggers known.
Hannah-Lucy, Jess, Amber & Nicole.
What a tribe to be a part of!
These girls made me laugh the entire day.  We toured the ship together and got lost as a team.  We ate and giggled over spilt wine (Looking at you Jess).
I can’t thank you girls enough for making the first trip away from my family overnight one of the best ones and so much easier than I had imagined it could be.

How wrong was I about cruises?
I’m 100% sure I’ll never have the creepy paddle boat dream again and will most likely consider taking the kids on a european cruise, even if its just to walk down the staircase of dreams.

 Big thank you to Sally and the team from Tots100 and MSC Cruises who put this utterly fantastic day together for us.  The company was hilarious, the food was so bloody delish and who doesn’t like free wine?
By far one of the BEST blogging events I’ve been too and I can’t wait for the next one, even if I did come last in the quiz.

Thank you for a super lovely day!

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    October 12, 2017

    It was so LOVELY to see you and I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks that I flipping LOVED your outfit! The dress was stunning, and the yellow highlights to the outfit. You looked fab!

    Next time we will chat more x

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