Where to find the best view of Edinburgh Castle

Where to find the best view of Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle, built in 1103 AD, its impressive structure sits upon its volcano in the middle of a busy city and can be seen from countless locations. From rooftops to cafes you’ll always get a peek of her from an unexpected window or two.

Edinburgh is one of those cities that no matter where you wander, be it down the mile or a close, it’s charming buildings and beautiful brickwork pull you in. Its beauty is only exaggerated in dreich weather, it’s a city that does gloomy perfectly.

Here are my favourite spots for an excellent castle view…

St Cuthbert’s Steps

This is one of my favourite spots to capture the castle when autumn has crept in. The cobbled path way, covered in foliage and a peek of the castle through the tree’s, perfectly framed with an old lamppost for that extra old town vibe.

St Cuthbert’s Churchyard

Like something from a dickens novel, the church and old lampposts that frame the castle perfectly. This is one of those spots that looks good in every single season, from autumn to a snow covered path, there’s never a time that it’s not beautiful.

Ross Fountain

A perfect summer shot, the sun shines through the fountain, the birds bath in it and the castle sits perfectly behind. But it didn’t always look this way, once the Nor Loch, Princes Street gardens was filled with decaying bodies, animal waste and used for ‘trials by doukin’ for those suspected of witchcraft, far from the classically romantic fountain we have today. Summer or winter, it’s always a perfect spot.

Princes Street

Seem’s obvious, but Princes street is approx a mile long so the view of the castle changes the further along you walk. One of the best spots is right on the corner of Hanover street. The pavement dips out a little, there’s a clear view straight across the road with benches and old lampposts. You get to see it’s entire silhouette and it’s nothing short of impressive.

Cafe’s at the West End, Princes Street

Paned windows that stretch floor to ceiling, you’ll find a perfect view of the castle from Waterstones and Starbucks cafe on Princes Street. No matter the weather or the season, the view from these widows is nothing short of breath taking, only made sweeter with a coffee in your hand and a good book.

The Vennel

One of the most iconic and classic shots of the castle you’ll find. Usually the first to come up in any Pinterest search it’s still often missed unless you are looking for it. Hidden in plain sight, a set of stairs tucked away between an ice cream shop and a jewellers, climb the 50 steps (which feels like 100) to the top for an excellent view. I like to wait until I get all the way to the top before I turn around and look at the view.

Behind the Vennel

Another spot that’s often missed. You can walk along the Flodden wall for a beautiful view of the old brickwork & cobbled street with the castle just peeking over the wall. It’s often much quieter than the Vennel, with just a few passing by walking their dog or heading to work. Can’t resist an old lamppost either.

Calton Hill

A bit of a climb but SO worth it! You can get there by steps, or a hill tucked around the back if you need it. The views of the city are incredible. Not only can you see the castle and Princes Street, you can walk around and see over to Fife (on a clear day), and Arthur’s Seat. There’s even a contemporary art gallery too.

Which is your favourite view of the castle?

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