Happy Birthday, My Little Ruby


My little Ruby,

Tomorrow you are 8.  And you aren’t so little anymore.  I’m not sure how it sneaks up on me so fast each year, but it does.  And I have to sit and ask, where has my baby gone?  Your tiny little soul is full of so much kindness.  Always.  You can’t stand to see someone hurt or being bullied and are the first to step into any situation.  And I’ll be honest and admit, I sometimes forget that you are only 7 and put a lot of adult pressure on you, you are just so wise beyond your years and the oldest.. I forget that you are just little.  Still figuring yourself out, who you are and who you want to be.  I promise to try harder to remember that this year.

You’ve gone into Primary 4 this year.  With Primary 4 comes the ‘big’ playground.  Swimming lessons and extra dance classes.  The ‘tea & tissues’ shouldn’t just be for Primary 1 parents, because this is scary, for me more than you, so you tell me.  You’ve taken it all in your stride, like you do with everything, while I’m trying to pretend I’m not an emotional wreck in the background.
You know what you want to wear, and what you wouldn’t be caught dead in, which now includes Jojo Bows.  You know exactly how you like your hair and what shoes are cool enough.  You are so desperate (and a little bit ready) to start walking to school on your own.  But, this mama isn’t quite brave enough just yet. I use the twins as an excuse but I just can’t get to grips with letting go.  Not just yet.

Sarcasm has become second nature to you and you think you are hilarious (we do too).  You are full of hilarity, but mostly cuddles.  You pull faces the second I get the camera out and can’t stand still, throwing out a ballet step any chance you get.  You pick flowers to put in your hair. Practice cartwheels in the park and climb trees with your new fancy shoes on.  You brush your teeth and spill it down your dress every single morning and slurp the milk out of your bowl after your cereal. You find family bloggers on youtube hilarious, push your luck on most things and always look for dresses that have pockets.  You, are you.  Unapologetically. And we adore it.  All of it.  Please never stop.

Happy Birthday my little one,

Mummy xxx

Ruby’s shoes were kindly provided by Deichmann_UK. A company we use each and every year for her back to school shoes and excited to be working with this year.  And adore! Deichmann UK are currently buy one get one half price online (and in stores in England and Wales), but only until the 9th September.

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