A little Spring in Edinburgh | A Local’s Guide

April showers bring May flowers and June and July…

We have certainly been treated this year to some gorgeous floral displays, spring took it’s time but when it arrived it was perfect.

Spring has well and truly arrived and the summer weather is already creeping in with days of 18 and 19 degrees Celsius already dominating the weekly forecast, it surprised everyone this week and people were walking through town peeling off cardigans and stuffing hats into pockets and bags.

Spring and summer mornings can be filled with haar, the warm air rolls in off the North Sea creating a mist over the buildings, making the city look like something from a Jane Austin novel, it burns off by lunch time and the blue skies last the rest of the day.

I took a wander around New Town, it’s one of my favourite places to wander in the spring. The doorways of the homes in are lined with tulips and bluebells, leading to the brightly painted doors. Potted plants fill the courtyards and the blossoms are in full bloom. Wisteria creeps around the windows and frames them perfectly for a few weeks, wisteria hysteria sets in and socials go wild in hues of lavender and lilacs.

I don’t feel like the blossoms last long enough. A strong enough gust of wind and the ground is covered in a thick layer of pink ‘snow’ and looks magical on a quietly windy morning. My post ‘Best Blossom Spots’ was a hit last year and I can’t wait to update it with a few new spots I’ve found hidden around the city.

A few helpful hints:

The city becomes really busy as soon as the better weather creeps in. If you want the city a little quieter I suggest getting up super early and roaming around before the day starts properly. 6-7am you should have the city to yourself and can head to all your booked spots later in the day.

What to pack is a question I get a LOT! Spring can be warm. Sometimes the same temperature as Spain. but, it can also snow, or rain… you just never know. Check forecasts, bring sensible shoes and always pack a waterproof you can pop in a bag.

Hope you have a wonderful visit!

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