49 things to do in Edinburgh when it’s raining

I am a rain LOVER. I find nothing better than wandering around, watching people scramble to open umbrella’s and run for cover in doorways, while I happily skip along filming the raindrops bouncing in puddles. Here are my top things to do when it’s raining in Edinburgh:

1 – Enjoy it!
2 – People watch from your favourite cafe

See & Do:
Edinburgh is well known for its art and history. It has an abundance of galleries and museums and you are never short of an inside space to enjoy if you don’t want to get soaked through.

3 – The National Museum of Scotland
4 – Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
5 – The museum of Edinburgh 
6 – The museum of childhood
7 – The national gallery of Scotland
8 – People’s story museum
9 – John Knox House
10 – Scottish National Portrait Gallery 
11 – Surgeons Hall Museum
12 – Talbot Gallery
13 – Museum on the Mound

14 – St Giles cathedral
15 – Hollyrood Palace
16 – Scottish Parliament Building

Local History:
There’s SO much to learn about Edinburgh, from cathedrals dating back to 1120, the Jacobite Rebellion and how people lived in the first ever skyscrapers in the world. Edinburgh’s local history is fascinating!

17 – The Writers Museum
18 – Mary Kings Close
19 – Gladstones Land
20 – National War Museum
21 – Royal Yacht Britannia
22 – National Library
23 – French Institute of Scotland


Take some down time, it doesn’t all have to be walking around in the rain and learning. Go have some fun!

24 – See a musical at The Playhouse
25 – St James Shopping Centre
26 – NQ24 gaming station
27 – Catch a show at the Festival Theatre
28 – Dynamic Earth
29 – Commonwealth Pool 
30 – Play Indoor Golf
31 – Bowling at Lane 7

Adventure & Fun:
My kids LOVE grabbing their toy swords, note books and camera’s and having a day of adventures. Fighting off dragons in castles, or climbing a volcano!

32 – Edinburgh Castle 
33 – Gilmerton Cove
34 – The Georgian House 
35 – St. Cecilia’s Hall Museum of Musical Instruments
36 – Dominion Cinema
37 – Scotsman Cinema 
38 – Edinburgh Dungeons
39 – Cameo Cinema 
40 – Camera Obscura
41 – Botanical Garden Glasshouse
42 – Climbing Centre
43 – Arthur’s Seat

Drink & Eat:
Edinburgh is FULL of excellent bars, restaurants and places to stop for a good cinnamon bun. Here’s a few of my favourites…

44 – Cold Town House
45 – The Chocolatarium 
46 – Enjoy a meal in the Witchery
47 – The Johnnie Walker Tour
48 – The Milkman
49 – Have mash at Makar’s Mash Bar

How are YOU spending a rainy day in Edinburgh?

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    Hannah M

    January 11, 2023

    I love this! I’m heading back to Edinburgh at the start of February and I’ve only ever been during summers. I’ve been looking for nice ideas incase it’s rainy, thank you so much! Hopefully we’ll have a fun, snug time and take some beautiful photos!

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