You are my Sunshine

That ‘smile’…

Its her latest trick and she isn’t shy showing every single person, animal or reflection we pass.
I’m not quite sure where she picked it up from, but I’m glad she has because I LOVE it!

She hasn’t quite perfected it just yet.  But my word she practices a lot!
She’s getting pretty good though.  Sunny afternoons are the best for perfecting things.

In Scotland if we have a day when it doesn’t rain, it’s classed as a summer.
We had a whole entire weekend of sunshine.  A weekend!
And what better way to spend it than in the park with Ruby, food & a good book.

I haven’t managed to wear a dress the whole ‘summer’ so I took total delight in unpacking a few favourites just for today.
I have legs.  Whiter than white legs.  But I have them.
After wearing jeans every day for about a month I don’t think Ruby knew I actually had legs.
She gave a little ‘Ooooooooh’ and squeal as she climbed onto them kissing my knees.

A big squeeze and she fell asleep in the sunshine.

The simple things make me smile.
She showed me her favourite leaf she picked today.  It was covered in holes and was scruffy.
But she showed it her best practiced smiles and whispered it stories.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, 
you make me happy, when skies are grey, 
you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, 
Please don’t take my sunshine away…
We sang on the walk home as she smiled at every passing car.
I hope we have more sunny days!

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2 thoughts on “You are my Sunshine

  1. Sew,ray,me

    Lovely photos, but I couldn't help noticing Ruby's beautiful quilt! Did you make it?


  2. Zoe Stewart and Joanne Odgers… It's from Ikea! Its lovely.. but I would LOVE a proper handmade quilt one day, a cath kidston type one… ONE day x


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