Where on earth have you been?

It’s been a long time.  Where have you been?
I’ve been a busy little bee!
Spending time with my family, friends and of course my wonderful clients.
I have been getting emails and tweets asking where my blog has gone and why I haven’t been posting.  To be honest, life got in the way.  I wasn’t spending nearly as much time with Ruby as I wanted and I was always working til the wee hours trying to finish to make sure I could spend the days with her.
My little girl is growing into a beautiful little person.  Complete with sentences and a little bit of attitude.
Her curls are more beautiful than ever and she loves having her nails painted a pretty shade of pink.
It’s safe to say, Ruby is no longer a baby.  I am all happy and sad, all at the same time.
look at how she’s grown!  Those curls came from now where too!

It’s been a busy old time at ‘work’ too.
I’m blessed with the job I do..  It’s not even a job, I feel like I spend my oohing and aahing and getting the best baby cuddles. 
I get SO many newborns coming to see me, cuddles, those little toes and not to mention the smiles.  
Yep..  I love a newborn smile!!
Aren’t these just perfect?!

There’s also been a spot of charity work.  I was part of a sport relief event that mummies got sponsors to get their tummies painted.
Ruby also ran a mile, and raised a lovely £466.50!
We are so proud of her, and she walked the entire mile herself too….

I’ve had the honour of attending some of the most beautiful weddings, with more to come in June.
And not to mention newborn season!
Newborns have been flooding in of late, must be something in the water 😉

Not only have I met a lot of brand new families, some gorgeous little ones have been coming to visit with brand new brothers or sisters too!!
And all those newborns from last year are in celebrating with first birthday cake smashes!
I have loved watching all the little ones grow into gorgeous little people.

So, the last few months, I can say have been hectic but have been SO much fun!!  I wish I could share ALL the images with you but there are so many!  I will save them for another post 🙂
Amongst all the excitement I opened my very own studio too!
I cant wait until it’s finished so I can share images with you guys!
So far 2012 has been totally amazing and it’s only going to get better!
Zoe xo

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