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My internet was down last week so your getting a double post this week!

Ruby is obsessed with volcanos, lava & dinosaurs.  When I say obsessed…. I mean the girl watched videos on youtube of someone putting things into lava. iPads, shoes, stuff.  She watched it over and over again.  Fascinated more each time.  We are going to Italy this summer and I would love to take her to visit the Lost City of Pompeii.  If anyone has ever been we would love to hear if its worth the visit!




I let her help out in the kitchen a lot.  This week was the first time I let her near the cooker.  She made her own pancake.  Start to finish.
Where did my little girl go?  It seems like she has just grown up over night.  She’s not a huge fan of the camera right now, which is ok.  I keep my distance with it, but she doesn’t mind it now and again.



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6 thoughts on “Week 6 & 7 | Living Arrows

  1. Nina

    i’ve been in Pompeij two years ago and it was a really fascinating trip. we also were visiting the vulcano Vesuv, you can walk araound the crater and smell the typicall vulcanogases.
    I can absoloutley recommend a trip to the area of Neapel!
    Best wishes from Germany and sorry for my bad english skills,


  2. Emma T

    I love that volcano shot. I definitely need to make a volcano with N, because he’s always talking about how dinosaurs lived in volcanoes. I’m hoping he’s inherited my love of geography. #livingarrows


  3. Sian

    She sounds like a joy to be around. What cool things to be interested in!


  4. otilia

    what a lovely long her ha has! #livingarrows


  5. Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog

    Lovely photos Zoe, She’s looking so grown up xx


  6. FromMummytoMum

    Such gorgeous photos, she looks right at home in the kitchen love her apron!


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