Week 27 | Living Arrows

When you share images online, they are normally picture perfect.  Clean homes, organised floral vases, happy children, everyone happy, smiling & having a great time.
It’s not all like that.  Instagram vs. Real life pops up a lot.  You cannot compare yourself to strangers on the internet, they are only sharing little highlights.

My house is usually quite hectic.  I pick countless cheerio’s from the bottom of my feet, pull handfuls of dirt out of Emily’s hands before she throws it in her mouth, stop wrestling matches between the babies, explain why the sky is blue to Ruby for the millions time & rescue the cat from the grips of Harry.
9/10 there is someone crying.  For some reason or another. And you can bet there is always someone acting like a wronged prisoner at the safety gate.

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3 thoughts on “Week 27 | Living Arrows

  1. Emma T

    Love it. Classic baby/toddler pose.

    I have to admit that even when our house is tidy, it’s never that tidy compared to show homes or magazines. It’s just lived in….a lot!



  2. Carie

    Aww poor wee baby in baby jail!! Stair gates are a great invention but not beloved of the children!!


  3. Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog

    Oh I know the feeling, I think one of the best things is showing both ends of the Instagram spectrum. the lovely corner in my kitchen which is the only place which is tidy, clean and photo-esque… perfect for the cuppa tea (which went cold) haha x


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