Week 21 | Living Arrows

Sometimes to remember why you do something, you have to go right back to the start.

Yesterday, Ruby cried as I lifted my camera & said ‘ I don’t want you to be a retographer anymore’.  The words cut right through me. She just stood there and looked at me.  Little trails of tears streaming down her face and dropping onto her dress as she clutched Mr Rabbit tight to her chest.

Since she was a baby I’ve always had my camera attached to me, like another limb.  Recording all those little moments.  If I close my eyes tight enough I can smell her milk soaked lips, feel her tiny newborn hands, and rub my nose that soft little curl on the back of her head that seem to vanish before my eyes.

When did having her photograph taken become a chore?  I worry its my fault and I’ve taken the fun out of it, having a camera where my face should be, nothing is right or worth it if you have to force it.  But I hope its a mistake.  A learning curve, one of those childhood phases we put down to her ‘age’.

Beautiful dress was a gift from the gorgeous Belle & Boo.  Our absolute favourite place!

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3 thoughts on “Week 21 | Living Arrows

  1. Mandy Charlton

    Curse of the photographer, it’s not our fault and in later years they will be so thankful of the history we’ve carefully curated for them, it gets even worse when they’re teenagers 😉


  2. Sian

    My 3 year old often says she doesn’t want her photo taken, it’s better if I ask permission first!


  3. Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog

    My Yv’es (also 4) isn’t so keen at the minute, but I try to just step back and capture from a far most of the time that way im not disturbing her world as such. i get this though, all the time and I *think* it may be a four year old thing as they’re becoming more aware.. who knows. learning curve for sure y love xx


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