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The last 9 months (18 months, if I am completely honest) have been some of the most challenging of my life.
When you have a baby, your life changes dramatically.  You adjust to life with this whole other human being your in charge of keeping safe.
When you have twins, its like a whole other ball game.  I remember asking the midwife for permission if I was allowed to leave, with two.  Just incase someone had made a mistake somewhere in the last 9 months.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact I had grown two little humans all at once and now I was taking them home with me.

un. super. vised.

 This is the girl that isn’t allowed near any kind of glue without an appropriate adult present after glueing my eye closed.  In an airport.  I might tell that story another day.

But when you have twins, you don’t really manage to get out quite as much as you like, once the newborn stage goes, the visits decrease and eventually you find yourself with one or two things to keep you sane every few months.  My diary was once crammed with coffee dates, lunches, meetings, play dates for Ruby, wine nights & cinema dates, with countless trips to fancy little tea shops in between.  These days I get to see outside my front door when I drop Ruby at pre school and I walk the babies around the block or meet the local mummies one day for a quick breakfast while the bigger kids are in pre school or if I am at work.  We do breakfast, lunches, nappies, bottles, naps, pick ups, drop offs, more nappies drops at friends, friends at ours, more lunches, cleaning, and hoovering up the 40 stray Hama beads that were scattered on the floor after friends visited and cleaning the muddy foot prints from her building fairy houses in the garden.  But it’s ok.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.   You don’t get invited to the fancy lunches with friends you used to hang out with & if you are lucky enough to be invited or remembered, well you’re even luckier if you fit your pushchair through the door of the quaint little tea shop you once loved.  Losing friends due to such an ‘inconvenience’ means they probably weren’t too hot at the whole friendship thing in the first place, some you outgrow and some stick you like glue, those kind are rare, but by far the most important you’ll ever have.

This year I have submerged myself into work.  Plotting, planning and working with some amazing companies.  The current phase of my life is wonderful its brought me to meet so many people through the wonder that is Instagram, some I consider already amazing friends.  Some I’ve met only a handful of times, but I feel like we’ve known each other for a hundred years.
It’s opened up a whole world of possibilities that I didn’t even know existed & is making my heart oh so happy.  I am so thankful I can share some of the most important things in my life with those closest to me.

I look at these little faces and think, right now, why would I want to be anywhere else?  We are pretty darn happy within our little tribe.

Happy 9 months my little wildlings.

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5 thoughts on “Week 20 | Living Arrows

  1. Carie

    Aww they’re just so cute! Happy nine month birthday little ones!


  2. Sian

    Ah gorgeous little ones! Great photo. You are right about friends that fall by the way side.


  3. Nicola Greenan

    I have just read some of your letters and have tears in my eyes!…
    You have a very special gift Zöe and a way with words most of us can only dream of.
    Thank you for your blogs and photos! It makeseems my day a little smilier since I’ve spent the best part of 7 months at home.
    I hope to come and see you all very soon xxx.


    1. Simply Ruby

      Oh please do Nicola! I’d come to you, but with 4 of them… wouldn’t be much of a rest! Come for coffee soon, we would love to see you! x


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