Week 16 | Living Arrows

Each week gets a little easier.  Each week they can do something new and each week is another week I realise they are closer to becoming toddlers than babies.

Harry is a smiler.  The boy can melt a room with a smile so big it covers most of his face.  It’s so goofy you can’t help but giggle at him and those two tiny teeth.  He claps his hands, shakes his head to say no & pulls down women tops.  Doesn’t matter which women.  The boy loves boobies.

Emily is stubborn.  She is miss bossy pants and rules the roost.  She is super serious and takes a lot to crack a smile from her.  Her eyebrows are constantly down, but she has the most infectious laugh when you get to hear it.  She can sit up and is so close to crawling.  When she can… Boy, I am in trouble.

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5 thoughts on “Week 16 | Living Arrows

  1. Natalie @ little jam pot life

    They sound like such a fab pair! Your Harry sounds similar to phoenix 🙂 . Lovely photo xx


  2. Tinuke

    This photo made my heart melt. There is nothing more adorable than sleeping children. Such a wonderful shot and OMG the shoes they are wearing are so lovely!


  3. Emma Shilton

    Oh how adorable! Is there anything cuter than a pair of beautiful babies fast asleep. Great photograph x


  4. Carie

    Aww they’re just so adorable – I can only imagine the mischief two of them get into when they’re crawling – I’m guessing there’s a rule of life that says they must always crawl in opposite directions!


  5. 2littlefaces

    Awww so cute! Great photo!


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