Week 14 | Living Arrows

Summer crept up on us.  Not even 3 days ago we had snow and blustery showers.  Then all of a sudden we have this gorgeous warm sunshine, pouring down on us like a giant hug.  Immediately everyone is barefoot and plodding around the garden on the dewy grass.  The washing is out on the line and already smells summer fresh.  The babies nap peacefully as Ruby read them stories.  Mr Rabbit too.
It finally feels like summer is on its way.  I for one am ready to embrace it’s hug with big open arms.


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4 thoughts on “Week 14 | Living Arrows

  1. Fiona

    Such a lovely moment to capture, two sleeping babies! & a caring older sister, just lovely x


  2. Polka Dot Family

    What a wonderful photo of all three of them enjoying the sunshine


  3. Natalie @ little jam pot

    Absolutely love this Zoe. As always, your photography is so beautiful! Ruby is so sweet xx


  4. Hayley at Shutterflies

    Well if that’s not domestic bliss, I don’t know what is! Gorgeous family and hurrah for summer! x


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