Week 13 | Living Arrows

When I was little, I loved being spun around so fast my hair would fly up in the air and I’d giggle so loud.
I’d squeal louder the higher and faster I went.  I spun until I was so dizzy I had to sit down.

I remember the days we got to go out and play in the rain and run through all the puddles.  When I used to clip clop around in my Nana’s fluffy slippers or when my Granddad taught me to tie my laces.  The days we made mud pies.  The family days on the sofa watching a disney film for the 50th time. That time I picked all the neighbours roses to make my Mum her very own special perfume.  When I cut my own hair.
It’s the little memories that make a childhood special.

I want her to remember them all.


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2 thoughts on “Week 13 | Living Arrows

  1. Natalie {Little Jam Pot Life - blog}

    Precious post Zoe, I didn’t ever cut my own hair, my Mum just decided to give me a dodgy bowl cut fringe instead, she beat me to it lol


  2. Carie

    oh what a gorgeous shot! I too was the victim of a dodgy bowl cut and also never cut my hair so perhaps there’s a correlation!!


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