Toast Fingers | Starting a blog

Ruby has ear ache.  I’ve had less than 2 hours sleep.
What could make for a better day to start her new blog?
When I was little and poorly I always remember toast… lots of it.
Ruby loves toast.  A little TOO much!
She crams it in her mouth as quick as she can like someone is about to swipe it off her.
2 toast fingers at a time.  For being a little unwell she at 3 slices.
Slices… not fingers.
She loves being in her sling too, just as much as toast.
It was a gorgeous day for walking to the doctors.
Her little eyes are so tired, I like having her so close to me,
I like looking down and catching the tiniest of smiles.  Just for me.
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Not a lot the doctor could do for her today… she is still too little, plenty of love, hugs and sleep….
…and toast.

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