Tea Jenny {loving the little things}

Today we mostly drank tea.  Not just any tea, oh no no!  
Ruby’s finest imaginary tea.  The kind you have to slurp down and say ‘ahhhhh’ at the end as she insists you have another cup, before you even managed your first mouthful.  
Who knew my tea obsession would come out in her at 1 year old?
I’m a sucker for a fancy cup, those dainty old china ones with the speckled roses are just perfect for a little girly afternoon of imaginary tea, wooden cakes & of course a tutu.

The new year is here which means I have finally officially finished 365 days of Ruby.
I’m a little sad and relieved all at the same time. 
Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the entire project with you! 
Hope your all having a lovely new year, 
Zoe xo

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3 thoughts on “Tea Jenny {loving the little things}

  1. Monkey Adventures

    She is absolutely Gorgeous!! Wow! So so pretty!


  2. Zoe Stewart

    THank you very much! She is a little darling…


  3. Redspect

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