Summer 2017 Bucket List | Free printable

Yesterday was the first day of the summer.

The. Summer.

While most of the UK ran around their gardens, in 33 degree heat, in the hottest heatwave in June the country has seen since 1976, we sat here in an epic thunderstorm, crossing the first thing off our summer bucket list:
A Disney Movie Marathon.

Each year we write down a few things each that we’d love to do over the holidays and cram as much in as we can.  We let the kids pick a few things each and then try and fill the rest of the summer with little things.

So this year I made a pretty printable to pop in the kitchen so we can all tick off our lists.

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Ruby had asked for some for her friends, so we thought we’d share them with our friends here too!

So, if you fancy making one yourself, you can download them here:

Summer In Pink
Summer in Mint
Summer in Yellow

We would LOVE to see what you guys are getting up to over the summer!  So if you use your printables tag me on instagram @mylittlewildlings

Happy Summer!

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