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I’m not normally one who likes to be on camera, the thought of having my own Vlog on Youtube fills me with a million kinds of fear.  I have the most ridiculous Scottish accent that sounds worse on video.  I mean ow squeaky does someones voice need to be? Id love to give video a chance, but had no idea where to start or get over ‘the fear’.

Then I found Periscope.  It’s a vanishing media, like snapchat.  Your ‘scopes’ stay visible for 24 hours and people can watch live, or replay them later.  You can view the map and see who in the world is scoping live or search for people that have already scoped for the day.  Hearts  can be given if you enjoy the content and the best part… you can type and ask people questions as they broadcast and they can instantly respond, which is great on teaching scopes.

I fell in love with it and have found myself posting little scopes of the kids and home life.  I’m still a little rusty, but definitely have the bug!

You can follow our Periscope hereby searching My Little Wildlings.


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Happy Weekend!

Zoe x

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